Read – Pray – Do

This is just a quick reminder to all of our Momentum Family about the challenge to read the book of John over the next 10 days.  Over the past weeks we have been digging into this new series “Reboot” with the idea that at times our lives need a fresh start.  The way to accomplish this and more importantly to maintain the life God designs is to live a life with Christ at the center.  So our mantra lately has been:

Read the Red, Pray for Power and Do What it Says!

Simply stated, but much harder to make a habit… right!?  The first challenge is to read the red or in other words to dig into the life of Christ in the Gospels.  As we grow in our knowledge of who Jesus is we should also pray for the power to do what it says….  and literally do what it says!

In an effort to get us kick started as a community to live Christocentric lives we are reading through the gospel of John over the next 10 days.  Here is the insert we had in the bulletin last Sunday to help you get started…  (We actually started on Monday, but join in today!)


Momentum Church always wants to be a church that reads the Word, prays about the Word, and does what the Word says. This week, we’re hoping to make the first step of that equation easier on you! We want reading the Word to be a part of your everyday life, so we want to encourage you to start a reading plan! Join us as we follow along with YouVersion’s book of John reading plan. It’s quick and simple to follow along, simply download the YouVersion app to your smartphone or tablet (you probably already have it installed if you have the bible on your device). When you launch the app, find the menu button and hit  “Plans.” Search for “John” and  join the 10 day reading plan! It’s that simple! The app can keep track of your progress and remind you to read if you fall behind! For those that don’t need an aid, we’re reading two chapters a day until the last day, and simply reading the last three chapters to finish up!

Check on Momentum’s Facebook page daily for encouragement during this short journey.