On Your Mark, Get Set pt.1

Happy Monday to you all.  I have been trying to get this post done all day… but it’s one of those Monday’s.  My prayer for you is that this week will be filled with God’s blessing and opportunities for you to expand His kingdom.  We are in the middle of an incredible series that has been pushing us all to the limit.

BulletinI’m all about pushing the limits of our faith.  We need to press hard this year by putting Jesus first and running hard in his calling for our lives.  Yesterday’s message was all about getting set to run.  Getting in shape to actually step up to the line starts well before the gun is about to go boom. It’s time to get off the couch and put those training shoes on and get in shape.  One of the training tools we have is spiritual disciplines.  You’ve heard and are well-acquainted with some of these like: prayer, fasting, Bible study, giving, and serving.  But there are so many more that we could focus more on like: confession, solitude/meditation, journaling, worship, submission…  There are so many ways to engage God that it really does become an exciting journey.  This week we will pull some of these disciplines out and dig a little deeper.

First of all, if you are a reader may I suggest a golden nugget?  This book was required reading during my college days and has been a friend ever since.  Get a copy and begin reading as we start this journey together.

Get it on Amazon Here

Today I want to simply encourage you with the discipline of solitude.  It may shock you that I didn’t start with a biggie like prayer or reading the Bible.  For most of us we become so busy with the activities of faith that we forget to just sit and breath in His presence.  For me, when I take time to just sit, breath and contemplate his goodness I can read and pray with more fervor.  I guess we can’t talk about solitude without tapping into meditation as well.  These two are so closely related that we hardly can do one without the other.

We often see Jesus intentionally wondering off by himself to these solitary places.  I say intentional because that’s what is was.  It was designed within Him to get away from all that would distract so that He could commune with His Father.  The Gospel of Mark describes it this way:

And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.
-Mark 2:35

Notice when Jesus designed this time into His life.  It was during a time when nothing else would interrupt this quiet time.  How often do we fail in our disciplines only because we try to squeeze it into an already packed schedule.  It may be necessary for you to create a time in your life where nothing else could possibly interfere.  That could be:

  • “Very early in the morning”… as did Jesus
  • Very late at night… “said me never,” but that may be for you
  • Lunch break (go to your car, take a walk, find a bench)
  • During your commute

It’s all about putting Jesus first and designing this time in your life.  When it comes to solitude I just like to sit, breath and enjoy what God has done and created.  I love the outdoors, so this is usually where I take it all in.  How about you?  Share below where and when you enjoy your times of solitude with God.

So today find a place to


ThAbIt – PG

P.S. (in case you don’t know, this is something I have done for a long time)

  1. “ThAbIt” = “Think about it” (I have often closed my blogs this way)
  2. “PG” = That’s Me!!! (Pastor Greg)

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