Old School Prayer Meeting (say what?)

prayer meeting 2

You know as a kid I can’t forget the countless hours I spent in church.  That’s back when I was drug to church every Sunday morning, Sunday evening and even Wednesday evening.  I say drug in jest only because I have always had a passionate love for God’s church.  One of the things I miss from those early days of faith is the way in which those old saints would “pray through” at the altar.  If you aren’t familiar with that terminology it simply means to cry out to God until you receive what you are praying for.  Believe me, I fell asleep in the pew many times waithing for them to “pray through”.

Somehow along the way our faith, my faith, has become to dignified and refined fo such things.  In the world of multiple services and the uber busy family life we don’t have that kind of time to spend at the altar anymore. (insert frowny emoji here)   Have we forgotten that prayer is the essence of a believers life?  How sad…

Recently I received a fresh revelation as to the importance of prayer in my life and the life of my church.  As such, we are reviving an old school service… The infamous prayer meeting.  This is a time to gather as God’s people to do one simple thing… pray.  There won’t be hipster worship leaders, an eloquent message or (dare I say) and offering.  We will simply cry out to God.  Cry out to Him for:

  • Forgiveness
  • Revival
  • Restoration

We will declare His:

  • Majesty
  • Holiness
  • Rightousness

And we will wrap up… (drum roll please) when we recieve.

Join me in starting your own prayer meetings.  Get up at the crack of dawn and find a solitary place.  Grab a co-worker and pray during lunch.  Emplore your church leaders to start a service.  It doesn’t matter what you do… just do!



One thought on “Old School Prayer Meeting (say what?)

  1. Kristina Eddleman says:

    Thanks for this Pastor Greg! I remember those “prayer meeting” times also. I look forward to be anle to join in them and return for Sundays soon.

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