Long story short…

Boy sees girl
Boy takes picture of girls booty
Girl likes boy (surprising)
Boy marries girl
Boy & girl have 4 crazy kids
Live happily (mostly) ever after.

We sum up this wonderful life of ours as being “The Cochran Bunch”.  Becky and I met in college and were married less than a year later.  We have now walked this world together for over 20 years and have 4 great kids: Jameson, Levi, Micah and Rebekah.


Our house is filled with love, acceptance, loud voices and it’s fair share of the latest MMA beatdowns.  Our boys eat and breath soccer and all but one love and play some sort of instrument.  Becky and I started a local small business in 2008 in order to do ministry “on our own terms” and not based on a churches paycheck.  So, since then we have been involved in local ministry in West Georgia and now are serving the incredible community at Hope Fellowship in Carrollton, GA.

Let’s see… I love God more than any of the crazy characters above and I hope they can boast the same.  I have been following my call to preach for too many years to mention and I LOVE THE LOCAL CHURCH.  I am also a grease monkey and love to fiddle around with old school horse power.  I am passionate about my 2nd amendment and like any other Virginia bred country boy love to shoot stuff.  I get my creative on by woodworking, gardening and canning.   Yes, I am a little rough around the edges and I think Jesus is just ok with that.

I admit that I am not the smartest guy in the room, but I do have a unique perspective on life.  So, this is my little way to share, teach and at times vent.

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