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Intro to the Lord’s Prayer

So here goes a great journey into the meaning of the Lord’s prayer.  This could possible start sounding like blah, blah, blah… only because everyone has taught on this prayer.  Confession… I will probably not say anything revolutionary or new but hopefully this will be a reminder of the depth of Jesus’ teaching concerning prayer.

These articles are written with a particular person in mind.  For those of you out there who struggles in a big way to engage in a steady and profitable prayer life… this goes out to you.  I salute all those who fall short, as I often do myself, in having a successful prayer life.  Do you describe your prayer life with uplifting terms such as: shallow, empty, quick, boring, struggling, rare,  or confusing?  Maybe you have said, “I’m going to get around to it soon”, “sometimes I pray and sometimes I don’t”, “but when I do it’s always, ‘God, help! ‘”  Well then, welcome to the club!  Most of us out there struggle with prayer.  Andrew Murray wrote in With Christ in the School of Prayer,

At first there is no work that appears
so simple;  later on, none
that is more difficult.”

And why do we find it so difficult?  Well the simple answer is the Satan tinkles in his little underoos (hopefully you know what those are, just in case you don’t chick  HERE … I prefer to think of him wearing the Wonder Woman ones)  when the people of God engage in meaningful prayer.  So, needless to say he does everything in his power to distract and discourage from us doing so.  But, if you can press through and find a way to pray like never before you will find that God’s promises will begin to unfold before you in a beautiful array of blessings.

We often run from prayer simply because we don’t know what in the world were doing.  Not that it is rocket science, but remember the enemy distracting you thing?  Bingo!  Do you actually know what prayer is?  It’s nothing more than having an intimate conversation with God, like you would your spouse.  I always like to imagine I am sitting across from Him at a bistro table sharing a cup of coffee and having conversation.  Yeah, some of you uptight ppl out there are having a conniption fit because somehow you think I’m diminishing the holiness of God.  Well, I believe God is close.  Close to me!

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you… (James 4:8)

He is a God that can be approached and drawn close to.  He is my father, best friend and lover of my soul.  So you just go ahead and shout at Him from a distance as I enjoy my Cafe Mocha rubbing elbows with the God of this universe!

Which finally brings me to the Lord’s Prayer…

Jesus had just finished up praying and after doing so one of the disciples strolls up to Him and asks him, “Lord, teach us to pray.”  Whichever disciple this was he must have drawn the short straw.  Notice he didn’t ask for Jesus to teach “me” to pray, but rather “us” to pray.  He was asking in behalf of all the disciples.  You can almost see the timidity in his face.  These disciples had grown up in the Jewish traditions which would have required them to pray three times a day and now after all these years they are essentially telling Jesus they don’t know how to pray.

Is it that they didn’t know how to pray or that they saw something remarkably different in how He prayed?  It’s fair to say that what they witnessed in the private prayer life of Jesus and the resulting public display of power that pressed this ever important plea to learn how to pray.

Jesus responds by giving these men what we refer to the Lord’s Prayer.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind reciting this prayer, but that is not what He had in mind.  Mattew records Jesus as saying,

” Pray then like this:”  -Matthew 6:9

He was giving them a guide or blueprint, if you will, to guide our prayer lives.  If you disect it you will find seven petitions, three of which is towards God and the last for our dealings with man.

I can’t wait to dig into these specific blueprints for your prayer life.  Starting in my next post we will deal with prayer that is directed at God Himself.  In doing so we direct the focus where it should be… on Him.

Pastor Greg


Prayer Makes History

Take a look through history and you will see that great moments in the church started with great moments in prayer.  Without fail the moments in our past that were highlighted with the move of God were fueled by men and women who had incredible prayer lives.

It is no secret one of my heroes of faith is E.M. Bounds who was relatively unknown in his own time.  He lived in the south during the Civil War and was captured twice as a prisoner of war.  Following the war he spent the rest of his life in service to the church.  It is his life of prayer that pulls me to read his works and always walk away challenged to be a better man.  For to him prayer was a natural as breathing air.

(Who wouldn’t like Bounds?  Look at that awesome beard!)

The prayers of God’s saints are the capital stock in heaven by which Christ carries on His great work upon the earth.  Great throes and mighty convulsions in the world have come about as a result of these prayers.  The earth is changed, revolutionized; angels move on more powerful, more rapid wings; and God’s policy is shaped when the prayers of His people are more numerous and more efficient.  -E.M. Bounds, The Force that Shapes the World 

Isn’t it the case that we mostly pray out of obligation rather than joy?  We pray religiously over our food, the kids at night and definitely don’t forget the offering on Sunday (glad I didn’t forget that one).  When was the last time you were driven into intimate prayer just…. well just because.  Because you wanted to dine with Him, because you just wanted to know Him better or because you want to see Him move in great revival.  And boy do we need revival.  

Dr. A.T. Pierson once said, “There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer.” (more on that next time)

God shapes the world by prayer.  The more praying there is in the world, the better the world will be and mightier the forces against evil everywhere. Prayer, in one phase of its operation, is a disinfectant and a preventive.  It purifies the air; it destroys the contagion of evil.   -E.M. Bounds, The Force that Shapes the World

While in college I spent a summer serving a church in North Carolina.  I don’t remember much about that summer, but one thing sticks close in my mind still.  I would walk into the pastors cramped, dated and overly-stuffed office always noticing one thing.  Right behind his desk stuck to one of the dusty shelves was a hand made sign that simply read…


As simple as that sounds it impacted me deeply. I do know that the Lord has used that simple sign to confirm in me what is most important in this treacherous journey of faith.  It is my constant intimacy with God in prayer that will in affect create the greatest moments of my life.  And if I believe that prayer makes history, my intimacy with God will in affect create the greatest moments in the lives of others as well.