Passion for the Harvest

If you have been around Momentum lately you are well aware of what makes us tick.  Mo was born out of an incredible hunger to reach the thousands in our community living apart from Christ.  Yes, that’s what gets out blood pumping!  So recently we have revisited the roots of our church by asking one simple question…  Are we truly burdened for the lost?

So, I ask you the same question this morning.  Do you have a passion to sacrifice anything necessary to reach JUST ONE for Christ?  If not, there is possible a key component missing from your life…  proximity to the Father.  Without doubt proximity to the Father produces passion in your life.  If you find that you are lacking a passion for the harvest then maybe it’s a proximity issue.  It is possible that you need to make your way today into the presence of God and regain or attain for the first time a passion for what God is passionate about… the lost.

Take a minute and read Luke 15…  God the Father will do anything to search for one who is lost.  It is always heartbreaking to see on the news that a child has gone missing.  After such an event we always see the community coming together scouring the countryside for any hint of the missing child.  For days every inch of ground is turned over and every leaf is swept away in hopes of just a sign.  Would you do the same in search for one who is lost, not in a physical sense, but in an eternal one.  That’s what God did for me many years ago and He is in hot pursuit for you today.

If you desire to have this kind of passion for the lost begin to pray today for it.  Begin to call out in prayer those around you who are living apart from Him and He will birth in you a passion for the Harvest.  Then and only then will you sacrifice whatever necessary to reach the ONE…