Monday Morning Mind-dump


  • My weekend was awesome… how about you?  I had to dig up my septic system, glove up and get to work.  I kind of felt like Indiana Jones with all my discoveries.   I bet your weekend wasn’t as awesome as mine.
  • I have an amazing wife.  She is so encouraging and supportive of all that I do.  She works harder than most men I know and sacrifices for everything she loves.  Bonus:  She’s also hot!
  • I’m proud of my son Jameson.  He went on Saturday and tried out for the semi-pro team the Atlanta Silverbacks.  The talent level was out the roof and he understands his chances are small.  However, I couldn’t be more proud of him for just trying out.  How many of us just sit on our dreams only bc the chances of success are slim?
  • I work with the best youth pastor in the land.  Blake Kitchens is not only my dear friend, but is also a rockstar youth pastor.  He loves these kids (my kids) with a great amount of dedication and passion.  He works full time, is a full time student, dates an amazing woman (also full time), leads worship at a college ministry and still has time for ministering to our youth….  He also regularly prays for the sun to stand still!
  • I have packed my coffin
  • The people at Hope Fellowship are amazing.  I love doing life with you guys.  All I have to say is this…
    • Get in – Sit down – and Hold on…. cuz this is gonna be a wild ride
  • I drink way too much coffee.  I’m talking about lots of coffee.  Is that bad?
  • GA primaries are tomorrow… I hope you are planning on showing up.
  • The Cochran bunch is crazy busy.  Three playing school soccer and multiple in the band.  Lots of games and concerts coming up.
  • Why do my hands smell like poo?